Monday, April 20, 2015

17 Gifs the Surgical Techs will Totally Understand

1.  Trying to explain to the lay-person what a surgical technologist does:

2.  Especially when someone says, "You just pass stuff to the surgeon, right?"

3.  When the wires and hoses won't. Stop. Tangling.

4.  When the surgeon starts to ask for something that you're already passing to them:

5.  Or nonchalantly catching the instrument before it falls off the sterile field.

6. How we talk about blood and gore to friends and family:

7.  How we act about said blood and gore in the O.R.

8.  Cleaning out the belly button of patients and finding stuff.

9.  When being in full sterile attire gets you out of cleaning up the huge code brown or other super-dirty thing:

10.  Watching the seasoned tech set up the super-complicated, multiple table procedure in under 4 minutes flat:

11.  When you find out that the surgeon you're with has a brand new resident.

12.  Getting the back table perfectly set just in time for the case to cancel:

13.  Being sent to sterile supply for something that's needed STAT:

14.  You and your friends or family when you go to lunch while "on call" and your phone rings:

 15.  Walking into a procedure you've barely heard of, let alone worked in before:

16.  When you're holding 4 clamps and a retractor and the surgeon says "Here, take this."

17.  The moment when a patient actually thanks you for helping them.

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